YouTube Obsessions.

“There are 7 billion people in the world.
Every once in a while one of those people finds his, or her, way home.”
Opening line, An African City

An african city

My love for African film and TV runs deep and true.

When I was younger and lived in Ghana, I used to spend my Wednesday, Friday, Saturday AND Sunday evenings watching either a Ghanaian or Nigerian movie. I was unbothered about quality; as long as it was Nollywood or ‘Ghallywood’ (gosh – do we actually use that?), I was bound to find it entertaining.

There were the unmissable TV shows; Things we do for love is a classic and an all-time favourite. “Pusher oh Pusher!”  – the ultimate Ghanaian player, Mr.Man himself! #NeverForget.

And then there were the ones that just didn’t know when to end. A Stab in the Dark Part 1, 2, 3

…4, 5, 6….

Why did they keep going I keep watching? That is the real question.

Then there were the legendary Nollywood classic ‘love conquers all’ ‘give God the Glory’ movies with Genevieve Nnaji, Ramsey Noah, Richard Mofe Damijo (the crush I had on this man!) and so many more. Cue any Westlife song, the ultimate Nollywood soundtrack.

I watched a lot.

Coming back to London completely cut me off my supply. I had to work harder to access the films and age made me a little more selective.

That was until I discovered what I can only call African Youtube.

It started with MTV Shuga (Nigeria). I then obviously had to catch up on the original series,  MTV Shuga Kenya.

Then came my personal favourite (mostly because I’m biased to my people), An African City;  Ghana’s very own Sex in the City.

And now I’ve found NdaniTV – home to Skinny Girl in Transit, Rumour has it and my new obsession, Gidi Up.

I am officially in African content heaven. But this got me thinking. Out of all the shows I’ve found, Nigeria seems to be the front runner with great content and excellent video quality. But where are the Ghanaian creatives? I know we have the talent and the content.

Youtube is a great platform to showcase it all; and to increase a fanbase. An African City is a perfect example of this; launching on Youtube and moving to a paid platform. To have a channel dedicated to Ghanaian content whether a talk show, drama / comedy series or entertainment news,  would be groundbreaking. But obviously only if the content on that channel has the quality to match its Nigerian competitors.

In the meantime, I’m hooked. I’ve spent the whole Sunday catching up on Gidi Up… I just hope Ghana catches up quickly. Before I start saying pele instead of kose. Imagine. God forbid.

Are you watching any of the above shows? Let me know what you think! And let me know any other good shows / films you recommend so we can gist.


To get you started links to the shows mentioned:

I will do a write up / review of the shows in later posts, in the mean time please, enjoy and let me know your thoughts.

5 thoughts on “YouTube Obsessions.

  1. I watch all of the above!! I’m currently looking for another web series to watch during exam time. I am actually looking forward to finding another Ghanaian one. I find myself learning so much about their culture and comparing it to my own (Nigerian – biggest and baddest of course).

    Anyways if you find another one, let me know x


    1. Glad I’ve found another fan like me! I’m looking for a Ghanaian series to watch too…I think we just don’t put out as much content as our Nigerian counterparts. But there needs to be more!


  2. If you didnt watch Home Sweet Home then we can no longer be friends. Also, there’s a newer version of Things We Do for Love I hear. Is it any good??!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha Home Sweet Home, I remember that one. I didn’t realise there’s a new version of Things we do for love… it would be hard to top the old series but i’ll be on the look out for this one!


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