#acctoldn recommends: Where To Go and What To Do Whilst in Ghana

Okay. Since I posted this blog post, I’ve had a gazillion requests for recommendations whilst in Ghana. I am only one woman – there is only so much that I alone know and can tell you.

So I did what any wise woman will do. I brought in reinforcements. And who better than the ACC to LDN girls?


For those who do not know, I am part of the ACC to LDN podcast – where we talk about our lives in London and in Accra. You can listen to our latest episode or watch us on Youtube.

Anyway, we’ve got you covered. Here are our recommendations whilst in Ghana, in our own way:

Where is your favourite place to eat?

Akos: For an authentic experience with quality food, Chez Clarisse in Osu. Go to Labone junction for the best fried sweet potatoes and chofi. She gets very busy but after you taste her sweet potatoes you will understand why.

Adwoa: Boys Boys Check Check near the La Bawaleshi School! Literally just ask anyone! It’s also opposite a “container” store guys! You HAVE TO try it! Koffee lounge at A&C mall in East Legon will give you that relaxing atmosphere with the cutlery background sounds you need🤗. The restaurant has a nice young Manager (truth as of Dec 2017) who you can have a chat with. Staff are generally welcoming but one of them told me he doesn’t like slim girls when in all honesty nobody asked for his opinion in his ‘tye& dye’ shirt 🙄

Baroness: Listen. I love my food when I’m in Accra. For breakfast, waakye somewhere, anywhere. If you can make it to Labone, even better. Or if you want a more ‘western’ breakfast Villa Monticello or Cafe Kwae? For lunch, Coco Lounge (obvs) or the new place, Cafe Kwae (One Airport Square). And for dinner, if you want a Ghanaian meal Buka (the fried yam and tilapia…yummm) or if you’re feeling real plush, fancy some Japanese food and have the $$, Santoku is the place. And of course, you have to go to Honeysuckle (Osu or A&C), because everyone goes to Honeysuckle for fried yam and wings. I just find the service so so slow. For snacks… Pan &Cook at A&C (East Legon).
There is also one Ghanaian ‘all dishes’ buffet place near ring road…

Your favourite Bar?

Adwoa: Down Below Bar – Bawaleshi (fine kebab plus muscatella and I’m actually NOT even lying). To find it, you have to cross the road from the boys boys check stand then keep walking straight on the tarred road in front of you (do not cross right after you cross, keep straight) walk for about 1/2 mins, your destination will be on your left.

Akos: Purple Pub – Osu. For that outdoor bar experience. If you haven’t already, you MUST try 5 fingers at least once on your trip. and the lady opposite selling fried yam and chicken wings goes down really well after a cup of 5 Fingers. The queue might be long, especially around the Christmas period, but honestly, it is worth the wait!

Baroness: I don’t really have one… anywhere with alcohol? Actually, I’ll say Bloombar in Labone / Osu because that’s where I was over the summer and the music is great too.

Favourite place to chill

Baroness: A pool. Any pool. In any nice hotel like the Marriott or Holiday Inn . And on Tuesdays, there’s this amazing jazz night called Just Music at Rockstone’s Office. I highly recommend. Tell them I sent you.

Akos: Labadi Beach Hotel, outdoor terrace. Very good service and nice cocktails. Also, have access to the hotel’s beach which is much cleaner and relaxing (they have chairs).

Adwoa: Mon da kakra na Mo p3 chillin kraa dodo eii! (translation: “sleep, you guys like chilling too much”)! But anyway, a nice evening jazz setting is good for the hormones! Google a jazz bar mate, I aint got alllll the answers!

Favourite thing to do at Christmas in Ghana?

Adwoa: My favourite thing to do during Christmas is spend a LOT of time with my family. Take random strolls around your area with your cousins, you’ll be amazed at how much laughter comes around and the new developments around you! ( in some people’s cases, new phases😫 #IfYouKnowYouKnow)

Baroness: Sleeping, eating and reading. And being driven around. Literally. I really like being low-key and Christmas in Ghana sometimes gets intense.

Akos: I don’t know if I have a favourite thing to do. But things that I enjoy doing include: Sitting at the terrace bar at Labadi beach hotel drinking cocktails, catching up and laughing with friends and sometimes taking a walk down the beach section of the hotel. Or taking a late night ride through Accra, particular around the James Town area through central Accra. At night when the roads are quiet, you can really appreciate the beautiful landscape and architecture that make up our vibrant city

Any final words

Baroness: Live life. Accra has something for everyone. If you want to turn up, you can – Twist, Carbon etc. If you want to just chill at a pool or the beach, you can do that too. Need a sugar daddy?…I’m sure you can find that too. If you play your cards right… Something for everyone. 

Adwoa: extra tips / ADJvice 🥳😉. Make sure you always catch the first service at Church. That way, whilst some people are waking up you are back home about to catch some sweet sleep, eat and refresh! Rather that than go to second/third service t h e n come home to eat your omo tuo or fufu then you won’t wake up till 4/5 pm! Killer you didn’t spend all that money to go to Accra to sleep wai!. You still have a lot of the day to do, catch up with whatever, literally! DONT FORGET to be KIND! W e  A l l  N e e d Love! And on that note Merry Christmas to everyone except for the beings who owe me money!

Akos: Whilst you’re having fun don’t forget to appreciate the art we have in Ghana. Visit the art centre in Accra, buy some Gye Nyame or Adinkra jewellery. Support the small businesses and do your bit to help the economy.

Cafe Kwae’s Rice Pot.

And that’s it from us. If there are any places we haven’t mentioned, feel free to let us know and we’ll visit next time we are in Ghana.

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