I have a new project…

This may be completely premature.

To be perfectly honest, this blogpost has been sitting in draft for over 2 weeks while I’ve been deliberating whether this is the right time to post about this. Ironically, if you’ve been following me on social media you have seen me talk about it & reference it many times, but for some strange reason, writing on this platform and clicking publish just feels a bit more real.

Anyway, a conversation with a really good friend of mine a couple of days ago prompted me to finally get this out. We spoke about the fear of failure and the guilt that comes with ‘failing’, which prevents us from learning from each other and reinforces this idea of perfection. So although I post pretty pictures on Instagram and seem completely comfortable speaking about it every chance I get, I have to admit that I am absolutely terrified that I am doing this. Terrified that I have put it out there that I’m doing this big thing, and it just. might. not. work.

No matter how exciting this is, I also recognise the high risk involved.

And I know, I could wait until the project was officially completed, launched and running before making an announcement online, but that doesn’t reduce the risk of failure. It just means fewer people know I failed. On the other hand, I’ve found that a little bit of transparency goes a long way, especially when trying to build a brand organically. In the words of Paulo Coelho:

when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

So here goes:

I’m opening an event venue for hire! Introducing…


Located in Accra, Ghana – Baroness Gardens will be an outdoor space available for hire for any and every event. The multi-purpose venue for you. Able to accommodate all your wants & needs.

And I’m hoping to use this platform, and instagram, to document the process of starting a business in Ghana (whilst living in the UK). Going through this business journey myself, I wish more people outside of the tech space, ( I have found there is a strong knowledge-sharing community there), shared their own experiences so others (like me) can learn from it. So if you have any questions/anything, in particular, you want to know, please do drop me a message on Twitter or Instagram.

My next post will be a detailed status update, my ‘why’ and insight on official opening.

In the meantime, follow Baroness Gardens on its social channels for regular progress reports:

And if you’re thinking / in the middle of planning an event in Accra, Ghana, get in touch. It’s never too early to book with us (you’ll get first-mover advantages and bragging rights). Everyone loves a winner.

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