I have a new project…

This may be completely premature.

To be perfectly honest, this blogpost has been sitting in draft for over 2 weeks while I’ve been deliberating whether this is the right time to post about this. Ironically, if you’ve been following me on social media you have seen me talk about it & reference it many times, but for some strange reason, writing on this platform and clicking publish just feels a bit more real.

Anyway, a conversation with a really good friend of mine a couple of days ago prompted me to finally get this out. We spoke about the fear of failure and the guilt that comes with ‘failing’, which prevents us from learning from each other and reinforces this idea of perfection. So although I post pretty pictures on Instagram and seem completely comfortable speaking about it every chance I get, I have to admit that I am absolutely terrified that I am doing this. Terrified that I have put it out there that I’m doing this big thing, and it just. might. not. work. Continue reading “I have a new project…”

YPN Presents: Focus on Africa – The Ghana Edition (Summary)

Africa is on the rise

Global interest in Africa and its potential has been through a number of phases. The first one, that I remember, was the “well Africa may have some potential… but it’s too unstable. And Asia has a lot more potential” phase. A couple of years ago, we had the ‘Africa is on the rise’ phase. That was my favourite. Though shortlived, the ‘Africa Rising’ rhetoric was in full stride and with it came a barrage of press releases and think pieces identifying the continent as the next big thing.

Then it stopped. Abruptly.

Nigeria, Africa’s powerhouse, had slipped into a recession in 2016 and that signalled the beginning of the “perhaps Africa isn’t really rising” phase.

But was that premature?

The Africa Rising narrative may have dimmed, but interest in the continent is at an all-time high. From music, fashion, film, business – Africa is trendy and with that comes opportunity. Especially for the diaspora.

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