#acctoldn recommends: Where To Go and What To Do Whilst in Ghana

Okay. Since I posted this blog post, I’ve had a gazillion requests for recommendations whilst in Ghana. I am only one woman – there is only so much that I alone know and can tell you.

So I did what any wise woman will do. I brought in reinforcements. And who better than the ACC to LDN girls?


For those who do not know, I am part of the ACC to LDN podcast – where we talk about our lives in London and in Accra. You can listen to our latest episode or watch us on Youtube.

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YPN Presents: Focus on Africa – The Ghana Edition (Summary)

Africa is on the rise

Global interest in Africa and its potential has been through a number of phases. The first one, that I remember, was the “well Africa may have some potential… but it’s too unstable. And Asia has a lot more potential” phase. A couple of years ago, we had the ‘Africa is on the rise’ phase. That was my favourite. Though shortlived, the ‘Africa Rising’ rhetoric was in full stride and with it came a barrage of press releases and think pieces identifying the continent as the next big thing.

Then it stopped. Abruptly.

Nigeria, Africa’s powerhouse, had slipped into a recession in 2016 and that signalled the beginning of the “perhaps Africa isn’t really rising” phase.

But was that premature?

The Africa Rising narrative may have dimmed, but interest in the continent is at an all-time high. From music, fashion, film, business – Africa is trendy and with that comes opportunity. Especially for the diaspora.

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