#acctoldn recommends: Where To Go and What To Do Whilst in Ghana

Okay. Since I posted this blog post, I’ve had a gazillion requests for recommendations whilst in Ghana. I am only one woman – there is only so much that I alone know and can tell you.

So I did what any wise woman will do. I brought in reinforcements. And who better than the ACC to LDN girls?


For those who do not know, I am part of the ACC to LDN podcast – where we talk about our lives in London and in Accra. You can listen to our latest episode or watch us on Youtube.

Anyway, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading “#acctoldn recommends: Where To Go and What To Do Whilst in Ghana”

Going to Ghana this Christmas? Tips to get you started.

Y3bro dada y3ntw3n bronya*

*translation: We have already started getting drunk ( / turning up); we don’t wait till Christmas

Over the past few years, Ghana has been a prime destination for a fun Christmas break. A fact airlines have recognised and responded by inflating ticket prices exponentially. An economy flight to Accra in December can easily be over £1,000, compared to a normal return ticket that is usually on average £400 to £600 – I’ve even managed to get a ticket off-peak for £350.


From mid-December to early January, Accra becomes the capital of chilling, partying and having a damn good time. I have personally tapped out of the “Ghana at Christmas” crew, but I know the vim continues and this year is certainly no different. So although I will not be there this year, I do want to share a few basic tips and tricks I’ve learnt that will help you have an amazing time this Christmas season. Continue reading “Going to Ghana this Christmas? Tips to get you started.”